Jane McGonigal at Restaurant Innovation Summit

21 Feb, 2019

Jane McGonigal at Restaurant Innovation Summit

BCNM alum Jane McGonigal was at the National Restaurant Association's Restaurant Innovation Summit back in early November 2018, where she was given the honor of delivering the keynote address presented by American Express. She talked about gamification trends in the industry and how it can look towards video games for inspiration.

From the press release:

“Innovative approaches to growth are critically important for the restaurant industry. McGonigal’s insights into how gamification trends affect loyalty, technology, and employees will inspire fresh thinking,” said Perry Quinn, Senior Vice President, Business Innovation Development at the National Restaurant Association.

McGonigal was joined by other speakers such as author Darrell West and VR specialist Jinsoo An during this two-day event.

Visit the official website here to learn more information about the summit.