Ken Goldberg at the Blum Center

11 Jan, 2019

Ken Goldberg at the Blum Center

Ken Goldberg visited the Blum Center for Developing Economies on the UC Berkeley campus late last year. In a news post published on the Blum Center website, Bauer describes him as "the first [person] to acknowledge the public anxiety about what automation and AI might mean for future jobs."

Goldberg is in support of artificial intellgence in the workforce to support human thinking and jobs. He wraps up the idea of "diverse combinations of people and machines work together to solve problems and innovate" in a term called Multiplicity.

“Multiplicity is not science fiction. It’s a reality that is already a part of our daily lives,” said Goldberg.

He qualms the fears that artificial intelligience will subtract for the quantity of jobs available and the quality of jobs done. Goldberg argues that the exact opposite will eb done, and that human individuals will actually benefit with the contributions of robots.

“We need a shift in mindset, rather than ‘us against the machines,’” emphasized Goldberg. “let’s focus on ‘us with the machines,’ and explore the potential for machine collaboration—how the combined strengths of diverse humans and diverse machines can enhance the human experience.”

Read the full article on the Blum Center website here.