Alum Jane McGonigal at Claremont Colleges

21 Dec, 2018

Alum Jane McGonigal at Claremont Colleges

BCNM Alum Dr.Jane McGonigal visited the Claremont Colleges - specifically Pomona College - to discuss "the sociological and philosophical implications of gamifications." McGonigal is currently the director of game research and development at the Institute for the Future.

She discussed her book "Reality is Broken" and argues that gameplay can activate the happiness that lies within our neurological and physiological systems. McGonigal believes that engaging in gameplay will enhance methods of communication and engagement between both the virtual and real worlds.

"Try this simply thought experiment. What would happen in your workplace if you could apply just some of the insights from gaming? When we're playing a well-designed game, failure doesn't disappoint us, and people work hard and love even mundane tasks," McGonigal shares.

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