Ken Goldberg at Cosmo Caixa

28 Nov, 2018

Ken Goldberg at Cosmo Caixa

On October 3, 2018, Ken Goldberg joined Albert Florensa, and Juan Andrade on a panel at Cosmo Caixa in Barcelona on Robots, Humans, and the Workplace. Goldberg discussed the impact a robots and future artificial intelligence will have on our society, emphasizing the possibilities for collaboration, and robotic support in human-oriented tasks.

Read more about the event here.

Following this fantastic discussion, Goldberg was interviewed La Vanguardia.

From an interview:

The more robotics advances, the more it shows that humans are irreplacable. For that reason, what fascinates me about robots is our reflection in them and how it shows how singular we are.

Read more from this interview here.