Ken Goldberg in Forbes on The Workforce

26 Nov, 2018

Ken Goldberg in Forbes on The Workforce

Ken Goldberg was featured in a Forbes article on the mutual relationship and dependence between Artificial Intelligience and human workers. They reference his article for the Wall Street Journal (found here), in which he argues that AI and humans make good partners and that AI will not take over the workforce as so many members of society fear.

Amir Konigsberg, co-founder of Twiggle and author of the article, writes:

Let’s start by dispelling the notion that we’re headed for a zero-sum showdown between human and machine. While more and more tasks will inevitably be automated in the coming years, humans won’t likely be rendered obsolete in an era of machine-dominated singularity. Instead, as the University of California-Berkeley’s Ken Goldberg argues (subscription required), the future will be ruled by multiplicity: humans and machines working alongside each other in an ongoing “feedback cycle” in which both sides mutually benefit from their respective strengths and insights.

The article also mentures the new study that Ken Goldberg and Vinod Kumar of Tata Communications penned, the "Cognitive Diversity: AI & The Future of Work."

Read the entire article here.