Announcing our 2018 Undergraduate Cohort

21 Nov, 2018

Announcing our 2018 Undergraduate Cohort

Please join us in welcoming our 2018 cohort of Undergraduate Certificate in New Media students!

Anjali Banerjee

Anjali Banerjee is a History major who uses open source technologies in advancement of the public interest. Her latest project, Radio Caroline, produces investigative podcasts and digital shorts in an open source environment. She has also been a technical investigator and researcher in the Human Rights Center Investigation Lab, where she has researched the propagation of hate speech online and reported on associated social media data. Previously, she founded Archer Impact, a nonprofit incubator that built software for investigators working on issues from money laundering to disinformation, and received coverage from news organizations across the Bay.

Camryn Bell

Camryn Bell is a senior pursuing a major in history and a minor in Portuguese, in addition to the certificate in New Media. In her studies, she focuses on 20th-century U.S. history, with particular emphasis on cultural history, the history of information and library history. Her senior thesis will be an analysis of the role of the Bay Area’s library systems in the social movements of the 1960s, looking at how public and informal libraries served as spaces of knowledge-sharing and as conduits for the exchange of radical ideas. Outside of academics, Camryn also serves as a staff writer and head archivist for the Daily Californian, managing the paper’s online digitization efforts.

Kirsten Chen

Kirsten is graduating with an Interdisciplinary Studies Field degree. Her coursework includes classes from New Media, Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, and Art History departments. As a freelance writer, Kirsten frequently attends and provides coverage on art shows, conferences, and events located at the intersection of these fields. Her experience with assisting the ATC lecture series has prepared her for organizing other creative projects with artists and brands. Since Kirsten’s work primarily exists in the digital realm, she has become more passionate about books (as an analog and offline experience). Kirsten collects and deals rare books, zines, and other publications, and has helped develop bookstores for the digital age. While she loves art experiences in AR/VR and the Virtual Reality at Berkeley club, she will always consider books as the original immersive experience. Kirsten is interested in collaborating on new work or talking about the future of creative industries, so please feel free to reach out.

Wesley Deng

Wesley Deng is a junior, majoring in Computer Science. When he’s not completing course work, he attends concerts, watches movies, and searches out good food with his friends. He’s interested in the potential interaction between new technology and art.

Gwen Gettle

Gwen Gettle is pursuing a double major in Art and Rhetoric at the University of California, Berkeley; she has previous experience in oil painting, figure drawing, graphic design, game design, and 3D animation. Her work explores the distinctions between the physical and digital realms through verbal and visual projects that cover themes pertaining to archives, memory, and interactivity. She is currently the director of a 30-second animated short produced by a team of twelve students and is working with another student team to develop a VR app for a virtual art museum exhibit.

Ada Hui

Ada Hui is an undergraduate student who is studying Rhetoric. She is taking classes for the major which focus on rhetorical history, theory, and argumentation and the rhetoric of subjects such as language, law, philosophy, media, literature, cinema, science, and technology. She is pursuing a certificate in New Media to understand how digital systems and platforms can harness and work with different categories of information.

Katherine Qiu

Katherine is an Individual Major who is interested in creating well thought out experiences at the intersection of art and technology. She has previously been the UI UX Designer for Berkeley Mobile and a UI UX Design intern at Skydeck. Currently, she is an illustrator for the Daily Cal, a graphic designer for Innovative Design, and a Student Supervisor at Jacobs Hall. Her Critical Making final project Eyeris is currently on display in the CITRIS Tech museum. This semester she has been working on The Art Library Project, a student curated DIY library in Worth Ryder. She enjoys interdisciplinary work, Design Innovation courses, and Information School courses. When not prototyping at Jacobs, she loves drawing in her sketchbook, cooking with friends, reading the New Yorker, and tending to her many plants. Feel free to see more of her work here.

Devanshi Rathi

Devanshi Rathi is a freshman at Cal intending to major in the Interdisciplinary Studies Field. She is passionate about chess, a game that she has been playing since she was eight years old. She is interested to pursue the Certificate in New Media to increase her awareness about the intersection of design, technology, sports, and business. She is the founder of her own non-profit company based in New Delhi, India called the Devanshi Rathi Foundation that aims to empower the underprivileged and disabled community through education, sports, healthcare, and sustainability.

Fionce Siow

Fionce is a junior majoring in media studies with concentrations in sociology, technology and new media. She is fascinated by all things people in the media and tech industry, and hopes to go into a career where she can help tell the story behind a purpose-driven brand. From internal communications to digital marketing, Fionce is interested in exploring the different mediums a narrative is capable of occupying. On campus, Fionce is involved in the school newspaper The Daily Californian, UC Berkeley's Social Media Advisory Team and an interdisciplinary student consulting organization DiversaTech. This past summer, she interned at PayPal in the global employee communications department.

Bryan Truitt

Bryan Truitt is an Art Practice and Cognitive Science double major, interested in the way design practices can be a tool for a critical response to our social conditions and how social practices span across mediums and media. Bryan has begun designing and fabricating elements of his art digitally while at Berkeley and is looking forward to learning more about computing and new media art forms to better understand the way technology and networks affect society. He hopes to synthesize alternate approaches to human computer interaction and the designed world to imagine alternative futures.

Janaki Vivrekar

Janaki Vivrekar is a junior double majoring in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics at Cal. Deeply intertwined with her trajectory as an engineer and mathematician is her desire to explore the human mind and understanding of the world. Over the past two and a half years, Janaki has enjoyed being an Undergraduate Student Instructor for CS 61A, working at Twitter as a Software Engineering Intern, and designing data science curricula. She has also engaged in researching the presence and lack of water in maps of the West, studying the intersection of accessible design and activism, and building the Out-of-State Key Inclusion Scholarship program. Some of her favorite topics include growth mindsets, ethical design, and communication. In her free time, Janaki enjoys cooking, singing, and making doodles inspired by textures and mandala art styles.

Viola Yuan

Viola Yuan is majoring in Applied Math with a minor in Data Science and is a member of the Virtual Reality at Berkeley, where she has been learning to tell stories in 360 video. As a final project for her Collaborative Innovation Big Ideas class, her team explored how to build human connections through media in the digital world.