Announcing our Fall 2018 Conference Grant Recipients

29 Oct, 2018

Announcing our Fall 2018 Conference Grant Recipients

Each of the following students have received funding to help defray the costs of presenting their research at the premiere conferences in their fields! We’re thrilled to be supporting our graduates as they travel across the globe to share their scholarship.

Grace Gipson — for the "Intentionally Digital, Intentionally Black" Conference at the University of Maryland. Gipson will be presenting on “Exploring the Black Female in Comics Fandom Culture through Digital Storytelling.” She investigates specific sites that use these blogging and podcasting to promote messages and narratives, as streamlined ways of voicing the thoughts, concerns, and experiences of marginalized communities.

Malika Imhotep — for the "Intentionally Digital, Intentionally Black" Conference at the University of Maryland. Imhotep will be an attendee at the conference, seeking opportunities to build community and thinking of ways BCNM might collaborate with the broader African American Culture and Digital Humanities project. She was originally set to present her paper in a panel, "finding/seeing/being #blackfemme," to address how Instagram acts as a site of black femme self-fashioning.

Joyce Lee — for the Ethnographic Praxis in Industry Conference in Honolulu, Hawai'i. Lee will be presenting her project, "Making Time Tangible: Life in a Minute," which encourages people to reconsider how they spend their personal time through playful, tangible interactions. Participants' lives are embodied by pennies, and must choose wisely how they "spend" these pennies in different "life target jars."

Rebecca Levitan — for "The Strange Case of Franceso Mancinelli Scotti (Merchant of Antiquities and Terracottas from Excavation" International Workshop in Rome. Levitan will be showcasing her research on how archival and digital proof has revealed that Francisco Mancinelli-Scotti and Riccardo Mancinelli were collaborations at numerous Italian excavation sites. In her talk, she also plans on looking at the digital and physical reconstructions of their discovered tomb groupings.

Congratulations to all of our recipients! We expect great things from all of them and are enthused to continuously support such great research and academic achievement.