Ken Goldberg and AI Study by Tata Communications in the Press

01 Oct, 2018

Ken Goldberg and AI Study by Tata Communications in the Press

A report, co-authored by BCNM prof. Ken Goldberg, released by consulting firm Tata Communications found that fears of AI replacing human workers are receding. Goldberg said "the survey of business leaders indicates that the concept of multiplicity, the positive and inclusive vision of AI, is gaining ground." These fears have been replaced by belief that AI will diversify human thinking and support collaboration between people and automated systems

A short video on multiplicity

The study included a survey of 120 global business leaders, 15 in-depth interviews with entrepreneurs, executives and thought-leaders, and discussion forums of experts from the fields of AI, machine learning, design, art, government, politics, ethics, entrepreneurship, behavioural economics, journalism, engineering and human resources.

It found that a majority of the business leaders surveyed agree that cognitive diversity is important for management, and that they expect AI will help enhance cognitive diversity on their teams. Respondents also expect AI to create new roles for their employees, by freeing time for creative innovation.

Read the report itself here and an interview with Goldberg in the MIT Sloan Review here (link requires UC login).

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