Commons Conversations Revisited: Belinda Middleweek

26 Sep, 2018

Commons Conversations Revisited: Belinda Middleweek

“Love Bytes and Intimate Machines - Analysing News Media Representations of Human-Robot Interactions” — Belinda Middleweek on Sex Robots

BCNM’s first Commons Conversation of the 2018-2019 school year featured Dr. Belinda Middleweek from the University of Technology, Sydney, discussing her provocative scholarship about intimate human-machine relations to a full-house audience.

As a former member of the news media, Middleweek offered new insights on the connections between the often hyped coverage that currently shapes/impacts the mediated cultural conversation around sex robots, and the dislocation of marginalized perspectives.

Middleweek addressed the social, ethical, psychological, and philosophical implications of sex robots in relation to the ‘technological imaginary,’ as well as shared some of the images, metaphors, and narratives used in coverage of intimate robot companions. Given the explosion of interest and development of human robots and AI, her scholarship shines a light on how news journalism is shaping social attitudes and ethico-legal frameworks, thus impacting the regulation surrounding issues of technology and intimacy.

Commons Conversations is a lunchtime lecture series responding to the latest developments in the field of new media. These lectures are held in BCNM Commons, 340 Moffitt Library, from 12:30-2pm. Please join us November 9 for a conversation with Lucia Allais 12:30-2pm in Wurster Hall.

2018 Common Conversations: Belinda Middleweek