Grace Gipson at DragonCon CPAC 2018

26 Sep, 2018

Grace Gipson at DragonCon CPAC 2018

Grace Gipson presented "Digital Storytelling in Comics and Fandom Culture-Black Girl Nerds (BGN) & Misty Knight’s Uninformed Afro (MKUA)" on Friday August 31st at DragonCon CPAC 2018.

The presentation, moderated by Jillian Browning from University of Florida, discussed the use of podcasts such as Misty Knights Uniformed Afro (MKUA) and other digital platforms in providing spaces for different perspectives on black female narratives in comics.

The Comics and Popular Arts Conference is an annual conference for comics and popular arts studies, which includes science/speculative fiction, fantasy, film, graphic novels and gaming. The presentations are preer reviewed and based in scholarly research.

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