Alum Trevor Paglen at the New York Met's Breuer Museum

24 Sep, 2018

Alum Trevor Paglen at the New York Met's Breuer Museum

UDPATE 11/2/2018: The NYT has a fantastic article on the exhibit here!

BCNM alum Trevor Paglen's work in "Everything Is Connected: Art and Conspiracy" is on exhibit at the Met Breuer. The Met Breuer is an modern and contemporarially-focused off-shoot of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

From a France24 article on the exhibition:

The exhibit "attempts to capture the zeitgeist of an age riven with alternative theories about the hidden machinations of power."

The first part of the show is dedicated to works that are based on factual research and try to alert the viewer to the real cloak-and-dagger operations of the US government, businesses and arms dealers.

That includes Trevor Paglen's series of photographs of secret CIA prisons and Alfredo Jaar's work recalling former secretary of state Henry Kissinger's support for Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet.

The second part of the show is devoted to artists inspired by conspiracy theories to create abstract, often fantastical art that sheds a light on the way society is affected by such tales.

The exhibit will be on display until January 6, 2019.

Read the rest of the article here or more from the Met Breuer here.