Jill Miller Exhibited at the Palo Alto Art Center

19 Sep, 2018

Jill Miller Exhibited at the Palo Alto Art Center

Prof. Miller's work will be in the 'Care and Feeding: The Art of Parenthood' exhibit. The collection, curated by Selene Foster and Andrea Antonaccio, will be on display from Sept. 15 to Dec. 30th 2018 at the Palo Alto Art Center.

From the website:

This exhibition explores the unique questions artists face, from both internal and external forces, when they become parents. It is our challenge to the once pervasive conception that artists cannot be dedicated to their creative work while raising a family.

Any type of generalization in reference to parenthood is problematic. The emotions, circumstances, challenges, and benefits involved are far too complex. What we can speak to, and what we hope this exhibition highlights, is the mosaic of issues and opportunities that arise for artists when they become parents, and the intimate, poignant, and illuminating work which results.

Read more about the exhibit at the Palo Alto Art Center website here.