Updated: Ken Goldberg at RoboBusiness 2018

01 Oct, 2018

Updated: Ken Goldberg at RoboBusiness 2018


RoboBusiness posted an article on their website, including a summary of Prof. Goldberg's key note.

From the article:

In his Day 2 opening keynote, Ken Goldberg, distinguished chair in engineering at UC Berkeley, described the “new wave” in robot grasping. “Grasping is a hard problem where demand is driven by e-commerce,” he said.

The first method involved programming robots with precise data of an object’s characteristics. The second wave involved gathering real-world data and reinforcement learning, said Goldberg, citing Google’s “arm farm.” The third wave is a hybrid, combining modeling and empirical data.

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Original Post

Ken Golberg, BCNM faculty, will take to the RoboBusiness 2018 stage in late September to deliver a keynote address.

Titled "The New Wave in Robot Grasping Technology," Goldberg plans on talking about how data, coupled with advanced Deep Learning models, can expand robot applications to make them more dexterous — thus, expanding their potential applications, as seen in his own creations Dex-Net 2.0 and Dex-Net 3.0.

From the article:

“One RoboBusiness highlight that we look forward to is Ken Goldberg’s discussion about the ‘new wave’ in robotic grasping,” said Eugene Demaitre, senior editor at Robotics Business Review. “We look forward to hearing about Goldberg’s research at UC Berkeley and insights into how deep learning and the cloud could lead to more nimble robots.”

The keynote address will headline a strong engineering curriculum at RoboBusiness 2018, designed to equip engineers of all disciplines with the latest design practices and current knowledge of both hardware and software.

RoboBusiness is an annual industry event put on by the Robotics Business Review, inviting over 2,000 professionals to discuss the robotics ecosystem and marketplace. This year, it will take place from September 25 to 27 at the Santa Clara Convention Center.

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