UPDATED: Trevor Paglen's Orbital Reflector in the News

29 Oct, 2018

UPDATED: Trevor Paglen's Orbital Reflector in the News


The Orbital Reflector has additionally been covered in PBS and CBS News.

Read the PBS article here.

Read the CBS article here.

Original Article

The Orbital Reflector, a project of BCNM alum Trevor Paglen, has been covered in The Telegraph, The Daily Mail, The Great Lakes Ledger and NBC News!

From the Telegraph article:

"The world’s first space sculpture [will] orbit the Earth for three weeks this autumn. The length of a football field, and the shape of an elongated diamond, the ‘Orbital Reflector’ artwork is the brainchild of US artist Trevor Paglen and will be launched on board on one of Elon Musk’s SpaceXFalcon 9 rockets. Floating around the planet once every 90 minutes, 350 miles from the surface, the satellite will be visible in Britain about four times a night as the sun reflects off its shiny surface after dusk and before dawn.

Read the articles below or more on the Orbital Reflector website here!

The Telegraph

"Heavens to shine with new ‘star’ as first space sculpture prepares for launch" by Sarah Knapton on August 12

The Daily Mail

"Artwork that's out of this world" by Claire Anderson on August 12

The Great Lakes Ledger

"Man-Made ‘Star’ Will Be Delivered Into Space In October" by Stacy Richardson on August 14

NBC News

"Artist's artificial 'star' will take public art to new heights"

by Denise Chow on August 22