Ken Goldberg on Autodesk's Lego-Building Robot

31 Jul, 2018

Ken Goldberg on Autodesk's Lego-Building Robot

Fast Company makes the claim that Autodesk's new robot that builds models with Lego is the future of manufacturing! Quite the praise — and Ken Goldberg lauds the research team, but also cautions that there's much more research necessary before machines have the skill to be deployed in manufacturing in this capacity.

From the article:

UC Berkeley’s Goldberg thinks Autodesk’s progress so far is impressive, but he cautions that while a Lego model-building robot is applicable to industry, it’s by no means a straight line. “That’s the key,” Goldberg says generally of this type of research. “It’s very important to be doing these experiments, but we have quite a way to go before we’re able to put these into practice in a cost-effective way. Having a robot learn to do one step in an assembly line, that’s very exciting. Having it doing multiple steps like this, that’s even more exciting. But that’s going to take time.”

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