Alum Trevor Paglen at the 2018 Seattle Art Fair

10 Jul, 2018

Alum Trevor Paglen at the 2018 Seattle Art Fair

More than 100 galleries will participate in the Seattle Art Fair this year, which is focusing on technology and robotics. Alum Trevor Paglen will show the Orbital Reflector, and former ATC speaker Mark Pauline from Survival Research Labs will discuss the future of technology! You won't want to miss out!

From the curatorial statement:

Yes, technology might feel like the future but that future is basically a body conjoined with a land. It is a body that has needs, one that must live together and must act, as bodies do, irrational, wild, hopeful, and chaotic. This robot body we have has always been wild at heart. Yes, we like to think of technology as antiseptic but in fact, it is greasy, gear-laden, hydraulic fueled, and loud as hell. The artist, tinkerer, designer, engineer Mark Pauline, a pioneer of industrial performance art in the late 1970s, brings forth a vision, by way of robots, that is ear splitting, ecstatic, and riddled with destructive human passion. Trevor Paglen puts on display his Orbital Reflector, a model for a satellite soon to be in outer space that acts as both a non-functional orbiting device, and as an aesthetic mirror that reminds us how vast space is out there. And the robots of the 21st century are not just in binary code, but also in biological code. Artist Heather Dewey Hagborg, has rendered DNA produced masks that could be U.S. intelligence whistle blower Chelsea Manning. A vast array of possibilities emerge as the legibility of DNA finds its resolution in a land of surveillance, and ultimately, bodies.

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