BCNM at DIS 2018

05 Jul, 2018

BCNM at DIS 2018

Held from June 9-13, 2018 in Hong Kong, the 2018 ACM SIGCHI Designing Interactive Systems conference is the premier international arena where designers and computer scientists meet to debate and shape the future of interactive systems design and practice. This year, the program focused on Diversity and Design.

From the website:

Interactive systems can be designed to take into account diversities, but also the global landscape, when faced with diversity, designers face a classic philosophical question about particulars and universals: should design make particular commitments to diversity or should it go after universals in technology and experience?

Today, emerging technologies are redefining this question. Many newly emerging interactive artifacts and systems can be personalized. Individuals can create their own artifacts with globally available platforms. For designers, these platforms pose new possibilities, but also challenges in terms of concepts, methods, processes, and technologies.

BCNM confronted these questions with several exceptional papers.

On June 11, Eric Paulos was involved in the Making Diversity Track, chaired by Sarah Fox. This program featured:

Making Grooves With Needles: Using E-textiles to Encourage Gender Diversity in Embedded Audio Systems Design Rebecca Stewart, Sophie Skach, Astrid Bin

"Open Design, Inclusivity and the Intersections of Making" by David P Green, David Kirk

"Statement Making: A Maker Fashion Show Foregrounding Feminism, Gender, and Transdisciplinarity" by Johanna Okerlund, Madison Dunaway, Celine Latulipe, David Wilson, Eric Paulos

"Exploring Aesthetic Enhancement of Wearable Technologies for Deaf Women" by Danielle Wilde, Patrizia Marti

On June 13, the Hybrid Ecologies Lab presented some of their latest work in Creativity and Design, chaired by Kim Halskov. This program featured:

"Twenty Years of Creativity Research in Human-Computer Interaction: Current State and Future Directions" by Jonas Frich, Michael Mose Biskjaer, Peter Dalsgaard

"Guardians of Practice: A Contextual Inquiry of Failure-Mitigation Strategies within Creative Practices" by Cesar Torres, Sarah Sterman, Molly Nicholas, Richard Lin, Eric Pai, Eric Paulos

“More than just Space: Designing to Support Assemblage in Virtual Creative Hubs" by Jandy Luik, Jenna Ng, Jonathan Hook

"Prism: Enhancing Graphic Designers' Visual Research with Interactive Search Trails" by Volodymyr Dziubak, Andrea Bunt

Read the paper on Statement Making here and for more information on Guardians of Practice, you can visit the Hybrid Ecologies Lab website, here.