Robotics TechCrunch Videos Now Available

27 May, 2018

Robotics TechCrunch Videos Now Available

The videos from the Robotics TechCrunch at UCB are now online! You can check out Ken Goldberg's interview Goldberg was with TechCrunch's editor-in-chief, Matthew Panzarino.

During their talk, Goldberg talked about his 35-year research on robot grasping. They addressed various topics, such as the problem of universal picking (that is, picking up objects that are extremely diverse) in domestic or service robots. Goldberg was particularly interested about this issue in the realm of e-commerce since all orders are different. The biggest challenge comes in determining where to grasp the object. Goldberg discussed the advances his team has made: his latest robot iteration is doing well with objects it has never seen on-site and in real time.

Goldberg also spoke of cloud robotics; he stated there was a real paradigm shift in that people don't have to think of robots being self-contained. Rather, everywhere you have a robot, one could have access to the cloud and remote data centers.

From there, Panzarino and Goldberg touched upon encryption, depth images, industry interests, and more.

Watch the full video on the TechCrunch website here.