Jacob Gaboury at Harvard VES Conference

03 May, 2018

Jacob Gaboury at Harvard VES Conference

Jacob Gaboury from UC Berkeley's New Media Department attended the 2018 Graduate Student Conference, "Rendering," held by the Department of Visual and Environmental Studies at Harvard University. The conference took place from April 6 - April 7 2018 with the keynote address being delivered by Gaboury the very first night. The following evening, Gaboury participated in a roundtable discussion with Lucia Allais from Princeton and John May from Harvard.

According to VesGrad's website:

In art, architecture, and media theory, rendering has emerged as a topic of especial relevance for thinking about the vicissitudes of visual representation. Artists such as Harun Farocki and Ed Atkins; architectural theorists including Robin Evans, Antoine Picon, and contributors to The Instruments Project like Zeynep Çelik Alexander, Lucia Allais, and John May; and media theorists from Bernhard Siegert to Jacob Gaboury have all elaborated the complexities of rendering across fields. As Allais has recently argued, “when architects learn to render, they are not only vested with a drawing skill, but also implicated in a vast epistemic scheme.” To render is to project schemes of knowledge onto the perception and representation of the world.

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