Andrea Horbinski at PCA/ACA 2018

23 Apr, 2018

Andrea Horbinski at PCA/ACA 2018

Andrea Hobinski, a history Phd graduate with an emphasis in new media from the University of California, Berkeley, recently presented her work at PCA/ACA 2018. Her presentation was titled "What Does the God of Manga Want with Anime? Re-Evaluating Tezuka in Manga History” and was part of her dissertation research.

"Basically, I'm trying to get a handle on Tezuka Osamu's actual influence on the history of anime and manga, as opposed to the images of Tezuka that have built up in the popular understanding in the United States and Japan," says Hobinski when asked to explain her work.

"This is the third time I've spoken at PCA; I was there in 2009 as a BA and again in 2016 as a PhD candidate, when I was one of the recipients of their graduate travel grant."

See more of Hobinski's work on her website here.

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