Greg Niemeyer Exhibiting in Joy Forum

23 Apr, 2018

Greg Niemeyer Exhibiting in Joy Forum

Work by Greg Niemeyer, Chris Chafe, and George Hilley will be on display at Joy Forum from April 26th to April 30th as part of the Hyperobjects exhibition, curated by Eamon O’Kane and Scott Rettberg.

From the official event page:

In his seminal book Timothy Morton describes hyperobjects as things that are "massively distributed in space and time in relation to humans." According to Morton a hyperobject "could be the very long-lasting product of direct human manufacture, such as Styrofoam or plastic bags, or the sum of all the whirring machinery of capitalism. Hyperobjects, then, are 'hyper' in relation to some other entity, whether they are directly manufactured by humans or not." This exhibition includes works that explore this idea, and demonstrate how hyperobjects reflect human relationships with the planet during the Anthropocene era.

The exhibition hopes to use the concept of the hyperobject for curatorial purposes, informing the experiences of the viewers and the artworks themselves. Some of the artists being featured are Margrethe Kolstad Brekke,Ellen Røed, Christina René, Benedicte Clementsen & Frans Jacobi (Synsmaskinen), and Erik Friis Reitan.

Visit the Joy Forum website for more information.