Trevor Paglen Featured in SSENSE

11 Apr, 2018

Trevor Paglen Featured in SSENSE

"The MacArthur Fellowship Winner Has Unveiled AI's Inner Workings, and His Next Stop Is Space"...

... reads the sub-headline of Charlie Robin Jones' interview - photography by Christoph Mack - with Trevor Paglen, the MacArthur Fellowship recipient in 2017.

Jones interviewed Paglen back in February and they discussed a variety of topics, from his past projects to his research on AI. The article provides a bit of background information on Paglen, especially with his history in arts and all his accomplishments.

The interview is very thorough as Jones attempts to pick at Paglen's mind and visions for the future. Paglen is honest as he brings up his hopes for AI and hs curiosities for the future of technology.

Read the entire interview here.