Jen Schradie Keynote Speaker at Media Sociology Preconference

11 Apr, 2018

Jen Schradie Keynote Speaker at Media Sociology Preconference

Jen Schradie, BCNM alum known for her sociology work studying digital activism, was announced as the sixth annual Media Sociology Preconference keynote speaker. The event will occurr on August 10 at the State System in Center City, Philadelphia — a day before the start of the annual meeting of the American Sociological Association.

The preconference is an effort to strengthen media and sociology within the American Sociological Association. It hopes to encompass a variety of topics including, but not limited to: production processes, political economy, media and the public sphere, the digital device, new uses of media, media globalization or diaspora, and media content.

According to the official website:

Media sociology has long been a highly diverse field spanning many topics, methodologies, and units of analysis. It encompasses all forms of mass-mediated communication and expression, including news media, entertainment media, as well as digital ("new") and non-digital ("old") media. Outstanding research exists within the different subfields both within and beyond the discipline of sociology. Our aim is to create dialogue among these disparate yet complementary traditions.