A Note on Our Angela Davis Conversation April 16th

06 Apr, 2018

A Note on Our Angela Davis Conversation April 16th

As of very shortly after 10:00 AM this morning, this talk and the waitlist were sold out. We know many of you are frustrated and disappointed that you weren't able to secure seats. With more than 15,000 people interested in this free talk on Facebook alone, we were concerned that the talk would reach maximum capacity quickly. We are thrilled by the incredible response to Angela Davis’ April 16th Regents conversation at the Art, Technology, and Culture Colloquium, and the way this opportunity is resonating with the campus and broader public we seek to serve. We thank you all for your interest and support of our efforts bringing Professor Davis to campus. To ensure access to the widest audience possible, this talk will be available via livestream and we have lifestream locations set up as well. We have included that information below.

Understandably given the very short timescale, some of you have sent questions asking if there is evidence of "bots" or misuse on the eventbrite ticketing platform. We are sensitive to these concerns and have reviewed the reservation list. There is no evidence that there was any misuse or glitch on the platform, only that thousands of people were attempting to reserve a seat for this free lecture all at the same time.

Since all seats have been reserved we want to remind people about our door advisory: At 6:30pm, A+D staff will fill any remaining seats in the theater on a first come, first serve basis with people who have opted to stand in line at the door. Please know that if you choose to stand in line at the door without a reservation, we cannot promise that any seats will become available. We are certain attrition for this talk will be extremely low, so please only stand in line if you are willing to risk not gaining a seat.

Livestream information:

The livestream link for this talk will be available to the public in the coming week. For those wishing to watch the talk with peers and community members, we're assembling locations with campus partners. We will be updating locations over the next two weeks. The following locations have been confirmed:

On-Campus Community

Host: Residential Education & Resident Faculty Program
Location: Unit 1 APR (All Purpose Room)
Capacity: 90 people
Audience: UC Berkeley community (students, faculty and staff only

Off-Campus Community (Public)

Host: The Underground Scholars Initiative & The American Cultures Center
Location: 105 North Gate Hall
Capacity: 146
Audience: Students & Community Members
Note: Doors open at 6:00 pm. This event will include opportunities to Q&A with Underground Scholars Initiative members.

Host: Multicultural Center
Location: Multicultural Center, ASUC Student Union: Martin Luther King Jr. Building
Capacity: 80
Audience: Students & Community Members