Goldberg at Industry of Things World USA 2018

13 Mar, 2018

Goldberg at Industry of Things World USA 2018

BCNM Prof. Ken Goldberg gave the opening keynote, "Robots with their Heads in the Cloud," at the Industry of Things World USA Conference in San Diego! The conference went from March 6 - 8, 2018.

The conference focuses on the impact of industrial IoT on business models and production processes across all major industries.

From the keynote description:

"The next generation of robots will be more social than solitary.

"Rather than viewing every robot as an isolated system with limited computation and memory, roboticists are now exploring how robots and automation systems can actively exchange information and resources via networks. Google’s self-driving car exemplifies this trend. It uses networks to index maps, images, and data on prior driving trajectories, weather, and traffic to determine spatial localization and make decisions. Data from each car is shared via the network for statistical optimization and machine learning performed by grid computing in the Cloud.

"Cloud Robotics will significantly advance the capabilities of robots and automation systems using emerging advances in Cloud Computing, Big Data, Deep Learning, Open-Source, and the Internet of Things. This talk will describe new research and new results from my group on deep grasping for e-commerce warehouse logistics and superhuman surgery include a short documentary film: Why We Love Robots."

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