Photographs from Koci Hernandez Featured in Two New Books

06 Mar, 2018

Photographs from Koci Hernandez Featured in Two New Books

Multimedia and Journalism professor Richard Koci-Hernandez' photographs are featured in two new books 100 Great Street Photographs: From the Screen to the Printed Page and Mobile Street Photography: 25 regards de photographes à travers le monde.

From the lensculture review on 100 Great Street Photographs:

"Most of the images are previously unpublished, and each one is generously presented on a double-page spread – text on one side, the photograph on the other. The result is a democratic window on un-staged, of-the-moment photography from around the world.

"What lies behind the impromptu nature of street photography is the patience and discerning eye of the photographer, regardless of where the image has been made. Traffic junctions in Hanoi can be as frenetically busy as Tokyo’s, but photographer Richard Hernandez manages to suggest otherwise with his starkly elegant shot of pedestrians, mopeds and a cyclist. The overall composition and spacing has a purist, geometric quality to it as it draws our eye to the two women in the centre. Taken with an iPhone, Hernandez was concentrating on photographing the women, standing placidly and unaware of the encircling human and vehicular traffic."

Read about the review on 100 Great Street Photographs here, order Mobile Street Photography here (note website in French) and see more of Koci-Hernandez at his website here.