Jacob Gaboury at A+D Wednesdays

02 Mar, 2018

Jacob Gaboury at A+D Wednesdays

Digital historian and BCNM assistant professor Jacob Gaboury spoke at the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive on February 21st as part of the Berkeley A+D program!

From the event details:

Jacob Gaboury is a historian of digital media, studying the ways people have imagined, developed, and used digital images over the past seventy years. His forthcoming book titled Image Objects (MIT Press, 2018) offers a material history of early computer graphics and visual simulation. It explores the history of 3D graphics through a set of key objects that structure the production and circulation of all digital images today.

His work engages the history of digital imaging and computer graphics along with early experiments in art and technology in the US and Europe. His writing has appeared in a range of popular and academic publications, including the Journal of Visual Culture, Camera Obscura, Art Papers, and Rhizome, and his forthcoming book, Image Objects.

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