Ken Goldberg at TechCrunch Robotics May 11

05 Mar, 2018

Ken Goldberg at TechCrunch Robotics May 11

BCNM faculty Ken Goldberg was the first speaker announced by TechCrunch Sessions: Robotics 2018, providing his expertise on the robotics sector. He is not only the department chair for the Industrial Engineering and Operations Research major, but he is also extensively involved in projects such as the UC "People and Robots Initiative," the Automation Lab, and Berkeley AI Research Lab.

TechCruch Sessions: Robotics 2018 will take place on campus at Zellerbach Hall May 11. The single-day event is designed to facilitate conversations about and provide networking opportunities in the robotics field. Interactive workshops led by leaders in the industry will take place as well. The 2018 main agenda has yet to be announced.

According to the TechCrunch website:

The goal of this year’s Sessions: Robotics is to focus on West Coast experts at the crossroads of startups and breakthrough robotics technologies. We’ll address the big technical topics, including artificial intelligence, human computer interaction, bio-inspired design, cloud robotics, self-driving vehicles and others, as well as discuss emerging robotics startups, early-stage investment trends and robots’ impact on society.

Go to TechCrunch for more information, and to book tickets for the event.