Ken Goldberg and Dex-Net in Technology Review

06 Feb, 2018

Ken Goldberg and Dex-Net in Technology Review

Ken Goldberg and his collegues' work on Dex-Net at the Berkeley AUTOLAB was featured in Technology Review's "The Year Robots Backflipped into Our Hearts."

From the article:

A robot revolution has begun. Intelligent machines now routinely patrol malls, hospitals, and highways, and the machines are becoming increasingly proficient at everything from picking fruit to performing surgery. Automation is set to transform our lives.

In another impressive development, Ken Goldberg and colleagues at UC Berkeley demonstrated a robot arm capable of picking up a wide variety of objects. What’s remarkable about the Berkeley bot is that it learned to do this not through careful programming or relentless practice but by studying a large database of virtual objects and grasps. It then used this knowledge to pick up even unfamiliar and awkwardly shaped new things.

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