Alum Stuart Geiger at All Things in Moderation Conference

30 Jan, 2018

Alum Stuart Geiger at All Things in Moderation Conference

BCNM Alum Stuart Geiger presented at UCLA's conference "All Things in Moderation: The People, Practices and Politics of Online Content Review – Human and Machine." The conference, on December 6-7 2017 presented by UCLA’s Department of Information Studies, considered commercial content moderation (CCM) of user-generated social media material. His lightning talk focused on "What to do with an open, transparent box? A whirlwind tour through Wikipedia’s algorithmic moderation infrastructure" and fell under "CCM and Policy"

From the website:

The goal of this foundational event is to map the current landscape from a number of perspectives. During these two days, scholars, students, journalists, policy makers and CCM workers will share their insights in order to generate a discussion about the challenges, methodologies and frameworks that are necessary to integrate a comprehensive, academic study of commercial content moderation, other kinds of online moderation, and its outcomes and implications into existing paradigms in labor studies, information studies, computing and internet history, public policy, internet governance and media studies.

Read more about the event here.