History & Theory of New Media's Designer, Laura Paulini opens solo show "Shimmer"

29 Aug, 2012

History & Theory of New Media's Designer, Laura Paulini opens solo show "Shimmer"

The designer of this year's History & Theory lecture series poster, Laura Paulini presents "Shimmer" at the Eleanor Harwood Gallery

September 8, 2012, 7-10pm
Eleanor Harwood Gallery
1295 Alabama Street @ 25th
San Francisco, CA 94110
The show runs September 8th - October 13th
Gallery hours are Wed. - Sat.,11am-6pm.

Laura Paulini will be exhibiting new paintings and drawings in her solo show at Eleanor Harwood Gallery. Her artwork features stripes and dots, each meticulously rendered by hand. The juxtaposition of minute changes in hue and value over the painted surfaces, creates an effect where the picture planes appear to vibrate. Absences and misalignments increase this optical effect while the simple, iconic compositions hold steady. These paintings continue Paulini's decade long exploration of the tension between movement and stillness, growth and decay.

Laura Paulini's previous work includes the white square, textured paintings, each 12" square - created as a series of 50 completed in 2006. Each of these paintings were completed in a single sitting on a single day using a different, non-art making tool (chopstick, dental pick, feather, straw, etc.). Paulini earned her Master of Fine Arts at Mills College Oakland in 2005. She has been a SECA Award Nominee in 2008, 2009 and 2012 with the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco and a fellow at the Kala Art Institute in Berkeley. She designed the History & Theory Lecture series poster for the Berkeley Center for New Media.