Applications for M.A./Ph.D. Academic Programs in New Media

18 Sep, 2012

Applications for M.A./Ph.D. Academic Programs in New Media

We are now accepting applications to BCNM’s Designated Emphasis in New Media Ph.D. program, and the Graduate Certificate in New Media as a coursework certification for currently enrolled UC Berkeley Masters students. Applications for both programs are due November 1, 2012 for Spring 2013 admittance.

BCNM’s Designated Emphasis (D.E.) program is for selected UC Berkeley Ph.D. students from any Berkeley home department with research interests in new media. It is supplemental to the Ph.D. program in the regular departments, and provides enhanced skills in analyzing and/or designing future media with an awareness of historical, social, cultural, and other perspectives that might not be visible from any single disciplinary point of view.

The Graduate Certificate is designed to enhance interdisciplinary graduate studies for students currently enrolled in a M.A. program at UC Berkeley. The Certificate program emphasizes critical understanding of the nature and implications of new media, broadly conceived, drawing on theories and methodologies from across the disciplinary spectrum—the arts, the humanities and social sciences, and science and engineering. Affiliation with the New Media faculty and student community may enhance opportunities for innovative and collaborative research. The Graduate Certificate in New Media provides students with an introduction to the different facets of new media research and an ensuing competitive edge for some of the most desirable jobs in industry and academia.

More information on both programs and the application processes can be found under Academics. You may also contact the BCNM Student Affairs Officer at