Alum Leslie Dreyer ACES Artist in Residence

05 Dec, 2017

Alum Leslie Dreyer ACES Artist in Residence

So pleased to share that BCNM alum Leslie Dreyer is the ACES Artist in Resident this year! Don't miss her series of panels and workshops next semester, in which she will address who is causing and benefiting from the housing crisis in the Bay Area and how we can intervene.

Leslie Dreyer - ACES Artist in Residence

A key community partner to the American Cultures Engaged Scholarship (ACES) program, Leslie Dreyer is an interdisciplinary artist, organizer, and educator who creates tactical art, media spectacles and unsanctioned installations from within movements fighting for a right to the city and equitable future.

Whilst the so-called sanctuary cities of the Bay Area continue to cater to tech wealth and luxury development, our most vulnerable residents are being displaced from their homes and refuge here. In partnership with the ACES program, artist/organizer Leslie Dreyer is designing a series of panels and workshops this spring that examine who is causing and benefiting from the housing crisis, how we can intervene, and what types of creative tactics we can wield to ensure that tenants’ rights to a roof and sanctuary in our cities supersede speculators’ right to profit.

Bringing together students, undocumented advocates, homeless and tenant rights organizers, legal and policy experts, and artists, we will propose methods to push for the populations who rely on their historic cultures and safe havens here to remain as more than just a memory on a city mural, a placard, or as appropriated décor on new gentrified establishments. These workshops will be open to the public and structured to help students and residents plug into diverse housing justice movement initiatives and affiliated visionary policy efforts.

Wednesday, March 21st, 4-6pm
Academic Innovation Studio
127 Dwinelle Hall.