Rogue Archives Reviewed in Leonardo Reviews

05 Dec, 2017

Rogue Archives Reviewed in Leonardo Reviews

Rogue Archives, by Abigail De Kosnik, BCNM ExComm member and assistant professor at the UC Berkeley Department of Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies, was reviewed by Leonardo Reviews!

De Kosnik's publication, Rogue Archives, is a commentary on digital cultural memory and media fandom. The book discusses the rise of digital media and its role in preserving content on the Internet, displacing traditional archivists such as museums and libraries. Among various other topics about archiving media, De Kosnik also considers the similarities and differences between free culture, free software, and fan communities.

Jan Baetens, a professor of cultural and literary studies at the University of Leuven (Belgium) writes:

Abigail De Kosnik’s book is a stimulating and innovative intervention in the field. Its originality is derived not only from the particular corpus that she examines (mainly fan fiction archives created and managed by minority groups—in this case female, feminist, global-South and queer groups), but also from the theoretical framework that she develops for the study of what she calls “rogue” archives—a type of archive that is much more than just a digital or a digitized archive but that rather exemplifies and implements several of the new opportunities disclosed by the digital turn.

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