BCNM Seed Grant Funded New Cadavre Exquis by Neyran Turan Receives Award

03 Dec, 2017

BCNM Seed Grant Funded New Cadavre Exquis by Neyran Turan Receives Award

Congratulations Neyran Turan on receiving an Honorable Mention in the Architectural Representations — Digital category from the 2017 Architect's Newspaper Best of Design Awards! As an assistant professor of architecture at UC Berkeley, Turan received a junior faculty research grant from BCNM for New Cadavre Exquis: Matter, Debris, and Ruin earlier this year. We're so pleased to see the project taking off and being recognized across the country!

Turan's architectural office, NEMESTUDIO, received another honorable mention for MIDDLE EARTH: DIORAMAS FOR THE PLANET, in the same category.

New Cadavre Exquis aims to build unconventional linkages between architecture, digital media, and geology. It positions certain problems brought by climate change and the Anthropocene, such as materiality, obsolescence, and waste in architectural terms. Inherent in the premise of the project is the proposition of a new conception of architecture’s engagement with the wider world through a specific focus on design’s capacity to impact planetary imagination. This is an extension of Neyran's previous project on architectural materiality, which from the recalcitrance of a particular raw matter and its extraction from a specific geographic location, to its processing, transportation, and construction into a desired finished effect in a building, to its maintenance, demolition and waste, aims to open future dialogues in relation to the spatial and temporal long-span of architectural materiality.

The fifth annual Architect's Newspaper Best of Design Awards was dedicated to showcasing great buildings and building elements. Awards were given out based on the criteria of design, presentation, evidence of innovation, creative use of new technology, and sustainability.