Revisited: NWMEDIA 201 Performance Night

04 Dec, 2017

Revisited: NWMEDIA 201 Performance Night

Another amazing performance from Jill Miller's NWMEDIA 201: Questioning New Media class! These projects critically analyzed the role of new media in society, offering trenchant commentary on our current situation and possibilities for the future! Congratulations to all!

Michelle Carney
A Game with Alexa
Michelle invited the audience to pit their data visualization prowess against Amazon's Alexa to comment on the limitations of current smart device visualizations and the difficulty of producing successful visualizations without a wide context.

Nisha Pathak
Hues and Social Cues
Have you ever thought about how your perception of yourself may be drastically different from how others perceive you? With different perspectives come different opinions. What if someone else's (different) opinion changed the way you live your life? Nisha joined us as a TSA agent sent to provide us with secure identification badges based on the color of our skin. As she reclassified us in surprising ways, she offered information on what this new situation would mean for our lives.

Justin Berner
Local Guide
Justin offered a lyrical exploration of the creative affordances of social web mapping applications, providing Google Map reviews of sites around his neighborhood in the form of poetry.

Meghann Helene
My Public Life
Meaghann explored the world of privacy, asking who owns the right to one's privacy and how will children who have never known privacy, fight for it in the future, through her company My Public Life, which scours the internet for public information and offers anyone, for a fee, a photo book on an individual's existence.

Malika Imhotep
This experimental performance used the adult site to explore the perception and exploitation of black female bodies. The pornographic became a site for reclamation and subversiveness.

Nour El Rayes
Feel Here
Nour El Rayes' Committee on Student Wellbeing shares with us the initial findings from the Feel Here emotional wellbeing and productivity program. Using Berkeley branding, Nour explored how our feelings are moderated by institutions, and made some incisive commentary on the state of mental health on campus. Look out for her Cry Here signs!

Harry Burson
A revolutionary new cross-platform solution for growing user engagement and maximizing reach and impressions with cloud-based influencers, Tru.Course welcomes us to the launch of an exciting new era for our organization. In the process, Harry noted the almost religious undertones of our treatment of tech.

Nicole White & Audrey Linden
Wishing for a Girl Uninterrupted
An exploration of the conversational interjections women experience in tv and media, Nicole and Audrey created a video displaying how women struggle to make themselves heard and be taken seriously.

2017 NWMEDIA 201 Showcase: Questioning New Media