Summer 2013 Course Offerings in New Media - Digital Activism, NWMEDIA 150AC

03 Apr, 2013

Summer 2013 Course Offerings in New Media - Digital Activism, NWMEDIA 150AC

Jen Schradie, Ph.D. Candidate in Department of Sociology with a Designated Emphasis in New Media is teaching a Summer Sessions course on Digital Activism during session course during session A. NWMEDIA 150 AC fulfills the American Cultures course requirement.

New Media and American Cultures: Digital Activism
NWMEDIA 150AC, 4 Units
Monday-Thursday 10:30-1pm
BCNM Commons, 340 Moffitt Undergraduate Library
Session A, May 28 - July 3, 2013

With claims of Facebook and Twitter Revolutions in the Arab Spring, social media organizing with the Occupy movement and the Tea Party, and the digital politics of Hackers and Anonymous, this class will examine the role of digital activism in American social and political movements, paying particular attention to the societal context of socioeconomic class, race and ethnicity.

Jen Schradie is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Sociology at the University of California-Berkeley and the Berkeley Center for New Media. She has a master’s degree from the Harvard Kennedy School. Jen studies social class, social media and social movements. Her broad research agenda is to interrogate digital democracy claims in America. After she published two articles on digital production inequality in Poetics and Information, Communication and Society, the publicity she garnered from these publications earned her the 2012 Public Sociology Alumni Prize at UC Berkeley. With a National Science Foundation Grant, she is studying how the Internet matters for democracy among social movement and labor organizations in the American South. Before entering academia, Jen directed six documentary films, including, “The Golf War – a story of land, golf and revolution in the Philippines.” Most of her films, however, focused on social movements confronting corporate power in the American rural South. Jen’s documentaries have screened at more than 25 film festivals and 100 universities.