BCNM Welcomes New Students to the Graduate Certificate in New Media

21 Mar, 2014

BCNM Welcomes New Students to the Graduate Certificate in New Media

We are delighted to welcome 3 new graduate students to our Masters Certificate program:

Leslie Dreyer is undertaking an MFA in Art Practice. She uses a combination of old and new media to create works that examine how new technologies and tech corporations impact our lives. Leslie has a background in curating political and social justice-oriented films, art, media, and speakers for film festivals. She designs and implements performative direct actions, such as US Uncut and Heart of the City Collective, which gained international press coverage. As she expands on these public works, Leslie is excited to gain a deeper understanding of the history and theory surrounding the transformative impact of new media.

Shaun Giudici is an M.A. candidate in Information Management and Systems. His research focuses on designing novel experiences to foster creativity, and conceptualizing works that question current uses of technology. He is particularly interested in early education, and has developed the Ladybug project with participation from Professor Ryokai, as well as being a Role Model with 10BooksAHome. Originally a software engineer, Shaun is excited to explore projects at the intersection of technology and art, and to develop critical and provocative media.

Michelle Ott is pursuing an MFA in Art Practice. Using photography and waste materials as a starting point, her work contemplates images and their accumulation, duplication, and reflection. Michelle is particularly interested in investigating oppositions in her work, and explores how we constantly negotiate polarities as consumers of media. Michelle seeks to use multiple lenses of perception and media production to offer insight into the physical objects we make, accumulate, and cast aside.