Camille Crittenden on Transnational Justice, Culture, and Society

05 May, 2014

Camille Crittenden on Transnational Justice, Culture, and Society

We are proud to announce that Transnational Justice, Culture, and Society. Beyond Outreach, a book for which BCNM Executive Committee member Camille Crittenden contributed a chapter, has been published!

The book is a compilation of 15 case and thematic studies that together seek to reflect on the role that communicative interactions in the public sphere--including outreach, media and cultural interventions— play in advancing, or undermining, the goals of transitional justice measures, especially looking to its impact in the social level.

Divided in three different sections, one on official outreach programs, another one on the role of media, and a third one on cultural interventions, the different chapters of the book have been written by a magnificent group of people, including practitioners and academics working in different areas and fields.

Camille wrote Chapter 9: "Friend" of the Court: New Media and Transnational Justice. It's a fascinating read, and we highly recommend checking it out! There's also a website on the book with even more in-depth information.