John Scott Awarded Eisner Prize

12 May, 2014

John Scott Awarded Eisner Prize

BCNM DE John Scott was awarded a Rosalyn Schneider Eisner Prize for in Film and Video for his work @berkeley: #MyFristMOOC.

John's video is a pseudo-response to Frederick Wiseman's 2013 documentary 'At Berkeley.' The parody piece is set entirely on a UC Berkeley student's computer screen as he frustratingly makes his way through his first online course.

John's had a lot of experience with MOOCs at Berkeley, working with Greg Niemeyer on American Cybercultures, an ongoing project to improve the online learning experience.

The Eisner Prize is funded by a 1963 endowment from Samuel Marks for the advancement of the arts on the UC Berkeley campus, in memory of his stepdaughter, Roselyn Schneider Eisner, an artist and sculptor.