5 Questions with Ken Goldberg

03 Nov, 2017

5 Questions with Ken Goldberg

In a video by the UC Berkeley Student Affairs department, Dr. Ken Goldberg sits down to answer 5 questions that prospective students want to know about faculty, academics and undergraduate research.

In addition to serving on BCNM's executive director and being a former director of the program, Goldberg is the William S. Floyd Jr. Distinguished Chair in Engineering (IEOR), founder of the Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research (BAIR) Lab, and founder of the AUTOLAB (UC Berkeley Automation Lab). His work is a grueling persistence in making robots less clumsy, including developing the first provably complete algorithms for part feeding and part fixturing and the first robot on the Internet.

In the video, he answers questions such as "What kind of experience can students expect in your class?" and "How do you work with undergraduates in your research?", discussing out-of-class experiences and his work with undergraduate students at the AUTOLAB and BAIR.

Watch the video in its entirety here, or below!