Berkeley's DeepDrive Releases 36,000 Nexar Research Videos

03 Nov, 2017

Berkeley's DeepDrive Releases 36,000 Nexar Research Videos

The Berkeley DeepDrive (BDD) Industry Consortium, for which Ken Goldberg serves as an associate director, investigates state-of-the-art technologies in computer vision and machine learning for automotive applications. On October 24, 2017, it announced that it would release 36,000 high frame-rate videos of driving and 5,000 pixel-level semantics-segmented labeled images with Nexar, a Israeli startup that produces AI, cloud-connected dashcams.

Nexar contributes video and images captured by its road safety AI camera application deployed in over 100 countries worldwide. Recently published BDD research using the Nexar driving data demonstrates autonomous driving algorithms that learn from large-scale video datasets and methods of cross-domain adaptation of semantic segmentation.

Several groups have called for crowdsourced research participants for challenges such as the 2017 Visual Domain Adaption Challenge (VisDA2017) and Nexar's Challenge 2. Researchers can now apply for access to BDD data via their website.

Read the full write-up by Nexar via PR Newswire here.