Update: Surgical Robotics with Ken Goldberg

02 Nov, 2017

Update: Surgical Robotics with Ken Goldberg

BAIR, Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research, published an article "Learning Long Duration Sequential Task Structure From Demonstrations with Application in Surgical Robotics" by Sanjay Krishnan, Roy Fox and, BCNM's own Ken Goldberg.

The article is an update on Goldberg's work in deep imitation and deep reinforcement learning in surgical robotics.

An excerpt from the article:

Robots such as Intuitive Surgical’s da Vinci have facilitated millions of surgical procedures worldwide using local teleoperation. Automation of surgical sub-tasks has the potential to reduce surgeon tedium and fatigue, operating time, and enable supervised tele-surgery over higher-latency networks. Designing surgical robot controllers is particularly difficult due to a limited field of view and imprecise actuation.

Read the rest of the article and more from BAIR here.