New Keyword Anthology for Art Across Disciplines Co-Edited by Shannon Jackson

31 Oct, 2017

New Keyword Anthology for Art Across Disciplines Co-Edited by Shannon Jackson

Shannon Jackson, BCNM ExComm member and UC Berkeley professor of both Rhetoric and of Theater, Dance and Performance Studies, created a website with co-editor Paula Marincola. The website, In Terms of Performance, has compiled content from key figures in the visual art, theatrical, choreographic, and performance art fields — it is navigated by contributor, or a list of common yet contested keywords.

In Terms of Performance is produced by the Pew Center for Arts & Heritage and the UC Berkeley Arts Research Center.

Jackson and Marincola described the website in their introduction:

Unlike a static print publication, IToP is non-linear and richly cross-listed, enabling an unstructured browsing in which terms, contributors, and artworks connect intricately in a true web of reference. Click from a term to its entries, from an entry to its author, to his or her other entries, then to the other contributors on that keyword. We also asked contributors to list some artworks “for further reference,” in which the contested nature of their term is revealed, and/or artworks that they wish everyone knew about. Selected images of these works, appearing as you scroll down the text, function via “see also” links as stepping stones to related texts, providing alternate pathways through the site. Mirroring this flexible legibility, the texts can be selected, downloaded, and printed as a booklet tailored by the reader. We will continue to commission and add new essays and interviews to the site; an expanding roster of voices will ensure that the conversation grows and changes along with the discourse.

We're so excited by this fantastic resource and the individualized framework it provides to speak across disciplines!

You can visit the website here.