CFP Games Studies Guest Edited by Alum Bonnie Ruberg & Amanda Philips

26 Oct, 2017

CFP Games Studies Guest Edited by Alum Bonnie Ruberg & Amanda Philips

Bonnie Ruberg, a BCNM alum, who graduated with a degree in Comparative Literature and now holds an Assistant Professor position at UC Irvine, is collaborating with Amanda Philips to guest edit a special issue in Game Studies. The issue is titled “Queerness and Video Games: New Critical Perspectives on LGBTQ Issues, Sexuality, Games, and Play," and is accepting submissions from scholars of a variety of backgrounds. Some of the suggested topics for contributions included intersectional perspectives, queer politics, and social justice within video games.

Ruberg and Philips write:

This special issue of Game Studies seeks to explore new critical perspectives on queerness and video games, building from existing queer game studies work and broadening the current scope of the paradigm by inviting intersectional voices, highlighting underrepresented LGBTQ identities, and challenging those who study video games to make explicit the political implications of their work. The interplays, overlaps, and points of tension between video games and queerness are vast and myriad. Here, we aim to push into new corners of this work, moving beyond the simple and often instrumentalized call to increase LGBTQ representation. Instead, we challenge our fellow queer game studies scholars, as well as those who are new to this area, to explore what it means to critique, play, build, protest, and feel in ways that are queer.

The special issue will be accepting submissions to until December 31, 2017. Go to the official call for submissions for more information.