//supraliminal - Greg Niemeyer at ZKM

02 May, 2017

//supraliminal - Greg Niemeyer at ZKM

Greg Niemeyer presented the world premier of his installation //supraliminal with Paul D. Miller (aka DJ Spooky) at the ZKM_Cube on Wednesday May 3rd, 2017.

//supraliminal is a data visualization and a synched sonification addressing the constant expansion of the universe, which is being exhibited at ZKM_PanoramaLab. The artists describe their work as such:

Machines allow humans to see past the thresholds of perception into the subliminal, which is too small, and into the supraliminal, which is too vast to see. The constant expansion of the universe is a supraliminal perception: While we can prove that it is happening, we can’t see it or feel it. DJ Spooky (New York) and Greg Niemeyer (California) present a portrait of this expansion, and illustrate how Turing patterns may govern the distribution of galaxies in the universe just as they govern the patterns of fingerprints and zebra stripes. This work has its world premiere at ZKM. Both a data visualization and a synched sonification, supraliminal feels for the beat that fingerprints share with galaxies.

At the opening, Greg and DJ Spooky presented //supraliminal and morphogenesis as a subject and a collaboration method. Following the presentation and discussion there was an inauguration party with DJ Deepthought and Lehel Lajos (Visuals) at the ZKM_Mint Lounge.

The ZKM | Center for Art and Media has become a cultural institution unique throughout the world. It is a house for all media and genre, a house for both spatial arts, such as painting, photography, and sculpture as well as time-based arts, such as film, video, media art, music, dance, theater, and performance. ZKM was founded as a museum in 1989 with the mission to perpetuate classical arts in the digital age, which is why it is occasionally referred to as "Electronic or Digital Art Bauhaus," an expression that can be traced back to Heinrich Klotz.

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