Wikipedia Art+Feminism Edit-A-Thon in the press

17 Mar, 2015

Wikipedia Art+Feminism Edit-A-Thon in the press

Due to the efforts of more than 1500 participants in the 75+ satellite sites from around the world during the Wikipedia Art+Feminism Edit-A-thon, over 400 articles were created and over 500 articles were improved. The event was centered at the Museum of Modern Art in New York along with various satellite sites around the world, including a site at UC Berkeley. Hosted by the Berkeley Center for New Media, the Berkeley Edit-A-Thon began with the basics of Wikipedia editing for beginner editors. Over the course of the day, participants created new articles and enhanced existing entries relating to women and art.

Press Coverage

The event has been featured by press in the East Bay Express, The Daily Californian, and KQED. Check out the news coverage of this exciting and innovative event!

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The Daily Californian: UC Berkeley students enter Edit-A-Thon to increase representation of female artists on Wikipedia

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