The Atlantic's Bold Bets Features Ken Goldberg

15 Jul, 2015

The Atlantic's Bold Bets Features Ken Goldberg

The Atlantic traveled to Berkeley for the third installment of their Bold Bets series and our very own Ken Goldberg discussed what next generation factories would look like. The Bay-Area Bold Bets focused on infrastructure driven by digitalization, unpacking in particular "the data-driven innovations transforming how goods and products are manufactured and delivered to the global marketplace." Other speakers included Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates, Fuse Corps Founder Jennifer Anastasoff, Benhamou Global Ventures Founder Eric Benhamou, The Atlantic Editor Steve Clemons, Prism Co-Founder Mike Fogel, Otherlab Inventor Saul Griffith, Intel Capital Vice President Lisa Lambert, and Intel Former CTO Justin Rattner.

Bold Bets is underwritten by Siemens.

Check out the video below!