ArtReach Studio Residencies Applications Open

04 Aug, 2015

ArtReach Studio Residencies Applications Open

ArtReach is a non-profit mobile arts organization that is reframing the artist residency. The brainchild of artist and activist Jill Miller, who teaches the BCNM foundation course NWMEDIA 201: Questioning New Media, ArtReach offers two revolutionary residency programs focused on San Francisco Bay Area artists who are parents and cannot travel to traditional programs owing to their family obligations. In aligning residencies with family life, parent-artists are given the time, space, and resources they need to deepen their practice. ArtReach Studios also realizes that to nurture artists, you must nurture their families and communities, and as a result offers free education programs to foster creativity.

From Jill Miller: "ArtReach is a living, breathing work of art, fueled by our drive to help parent-artists nurture their creative practices. We believe that it’s crucial for artists to continue their work despite becoming caregivers. By radically re-envisioning the artist residency, we spark a dialogue about the needs of parent-artists and their families."

ArtReach is supported by a stellar board, including longtime BCNM collaborator Perrin Meyer of Meyer Sound, along with Marianna Green and Jen Ruppert. Anna Carey, a recent BCNM undergraduate certificate alum, serves as the program intern.