#ILookLikeAnEngineer: Women in Tech

11 Aug, 2015

#ILookLikeAnEngineer: Women in Tech

We're thrilled to see the hashtag #ILookLikeAnEngineer gathering momentum!

The hashtag arose out of Isis Wenger's post on Medium, in which she discusses how after her company used her image with her permission in posters and billboards for a recruiting campaign, people questioned whether she worked as an engineer. From comments on websites, the sole reason for this disbelief seemed to arise from the fact that she is female.

In the Medium post, Wenger asked others who do not fit the cookie-cutter mold of "what an engineer should look like" to share their story. Thousands have answered the call and social media has been flooded with images of female, trans, LGBTQ, and racially diverse engineers. The stream of images is exciting and hopefully inspires more women to join an industry that suffers from gender inequality.

Monica Lam from KQED has an excellent article and video online on some of the difficulties women experience as part of the tech world! Check it out!

BCNM is proud to support women in technology, and we're pleased to announce that the Susan B. Miller Fellowship supporting women in new media will return this year, thanks to the generosity of Meyer Sound. Once more, we'll be offering a residency and stipend at UC Berkeley, so stay tuned for more information on how to apply!